Push Notification

All the tech giants including Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, etc are mobile-centered now and investing billions to unfold the quality experience on mobile devices.

Push notification is something that every app use to reach their customer with general or personalize the message. The time has come when SMS promotional content is considered as spam, nobody looks at the text messages. Push notifications are a better way to reach your audience and even people find it legit as they know who it’s coming from.

For those who have heard it for the first time, Push notification is an automated message sent by an application to a user when the application is not open. If you are a smartphone users chances are that you received a notification from your E-commerce. Game or any app telling you update, promotion or alert. The aim is to make you use the app, take you to the screen you left last time or make you purchase the product.

How Push Notification Helps – Encourage user Engagement:  Even if the user has not used your app thoroughly, it will help them navigate through your screens and they will learn your offerings.

If you write a catchy message that entices them to click, users are surely going to spend some time with the app. If the reaction is in your favor you are all set to get a new customer on board.

Retain Users – Studies have shown that Push notifications have increased the retention rate by up to 300%. Sending users a personalized reminder, thoughtful messages or breaking news really work in this case. Even if the users have gone inactive, chances are high that they will restart using the app.

Track user Behavior – With the push notification, you are getting highly sophisticated analytics on open rates, delivery receipt, engagement so you can track the actionable metrics for the users.

Let Users know what they have missed – Suppose I am a user who uses your E-commerce app, I choose the product, added it to the cart and while checking out I accidentally or intentionally close the app and forget to re-visit it. Now If I receive a notification after a day to two that says: “Hey, your product is still in your cart, order then before it goes out of stock”. The chances are high that I will click on the link and proceed with the checkout.


Push notification has helped a number of apps to outreach the correct audience and increase their usage, brand awareness. If it is used wisely, it can help incredibly in marketing activities. Hope this article has given you basic information about the Push Notification, in the next article I will be addressing the type of push notification, do’s and don’t.